It’s been really interesting to see the ratings and feedback on our two initial beer styles. The direct feedback we've received has been overwhelmingly positive. Of course, when you pour your heart into something you want everyone to love it. It’s sort of like the beers are your kids, and you just want everyone to think they are as cool as you do.

Of course that is unrealistic. But we are very happy with how we have started, needing to walk as a brewer before we run. With our first steps we've quenched a few thirsty mouths. We think that our latest test batch of a Porter is starting to show a brewery style coming through. Now we are going to set our sites on an American/India Pale Ale. This is a bold undertaking for Big Bay Brewing as there are very good interpretations of these Pale Ales in the market. Can Big Bay Brewing do it better? Maybe, but no matter what, we plan on having fun trying.

We'll keep you updated as we move to test brews and final production. Our goal is to have the APA or IPA in market by August.

Keep up the feedback. We are listening.

"The Chief Bottle Washer and Beer Taster"