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Kitchen to Keg

Hope you caught our Next Wave! We introduced our Ufer Oktoberfest Lager September 1. The nice back story is Ufer came out of my kitchen with a home brew batch. Of course my final product was better, much better, than the home brew batch out of my kitchen. So for the aspiring brewers out there making a great home brew, yes you can scale up a home brew to a commercial batch. They only caveat being get feedback from many people- from home brew judges, a chef, wife, good friends, consumers at your tasting room (you don't have a tasting room?), or even a master brewer or two.

Summer Tide is rolling in with the warm weather.

I am always excited about our "next wave" seasonal and limited release beers.

Our initial offering was Long Weekend IPA and everyone loves a long weekend, enough that we kept it year round. Summer Tide is a nice wheat ale with hefeweizen yeast, with a nice hop additional to bring out a citrusty flavor and aroma. This is our second year offering Summer Tide.


It’s been really interesting to see the ratings and feedback on our two initial beer styles. The direct feedback we've received has been overwhelmingly positive. Of course, when you pour your heart into something you want everyone to love it. It’s sort of like the beers are your kids, and you just want everyone to think they are as cool as you do.


Saw an interesting beer musings on It asks what is your beer theory? For me, beer is an exploration. The easier and of course fun side of beer it is the style exploration: Lagers and Kölsches to Pales, Porters, Stouts, and then into Belgians and Barley wines and beyond. Within each style there are nuances and magic that brewers create or add to interpret the style or make it their own. Sometimes this is cool and sometimes you wonder what they were thinking.

Welcome to the new year!

The end of 2010 was pretty exciting for us down by the water. We started brewing in October and hit some retail shelves in late November. December saw Big Bay Brewing put our Wavehopper and Boatilla ales into quite a few hands and mouths. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Big Bay also toyed around with some new brews too. An Irish Red test brew was a personal favorite but we also did a nice little Porter style ale which turned out quite tasty.

Exciting week for Big Bay Brewing Co.

Exciting week for Big Bay Brewing Co. Our small but enthusiastic sales team comes on board and our distribution partners pick up their first product orders. We may have a few retail placements of Wavehopper and Boatilla by Friday. And we do have our first Wavehopper draught line at North Star Bistro in Shorewood (4518 N. Oakland Ave.) Swing by and give it a try.

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